Marble Surface


      Growing up in a predominantly white town while being biracial, I never felt like I found a space where I belonged. Throughout my four years of college it has become evident that there has been an increase in awareness regarding violence and a negative narrative towards people of color. Now, being a young adult having lived alongside my two Black brothers, I am overwhelmed with fear and frustration. This overflow of emotions is what drives me to use my power of visual storytelling, shedding positive light on my friends and family of color.

      To shift the consciousness of others and myself within a primarily white institution, I collaborate with artists and entrepreneurs within marginalized communities. By photographing them to express their individuality, I provoke conversations about the prevalence of race and identity issues within today's society. They continue to reveal their own personal experiences which enlighten me on how the issues at hand in today's world impact their own personal lives. I create a complex auditory piece that strengthens the viewer’s perspective and allows them to empathize with another person’s lived experiences. As I no longer live at home with my family, these collaborators nourish me with a sense of belonging in an increasingly polarized world.

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Mother, 52 years old, Hanson MA


Brother, 30 years old, Amherst NH

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Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 3.19.35 PM.png


Friend, 22 years old, West Hartford CT


Friend, 21 years old, Taunton MA

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Friend, 20 years old, MA